Cábalas de Año Nuevo: La Magia de las Hierbas Naturales para Atraer la Buena Fortuna

New Year Kabbalah: The Magic of Natural Herbs to Attract Good Fortune

The arrival of the New Year inspires us to look for rituals that connect us with our roots, traditions and hopes for the future. Among the practices that have stood the test of time, New Year's Kabbalah related to natural herbs stand out for their deep symbolism. In this article, we will explore in detail the connection between these magical herbs and the Kabbalah that seeks to attract good fortune, prosperity and harmony for the coming year.

Herbs for Prosperity:

  1. Basil: With its fresh aroma and purifying properties, basil is a symbol of abundance. Placing basil leaves in different areas of the house during New Year's Eve seeks to drive away bad energy and attract prosperity.
  1. Rosemary: In addition to enhancing the flavor of our meals, rosemary is associated with good luck. Placing sprigs of rosemary strategically around the home is an ancient practice that seeks to infuse the environment with positive energies for the new year.
  1. Mint: With its freshness and vitality, mint is used to attract prosperity and growth. Including mint leaves in your environment can symbolize a year full of opportunities and development.

Herbs for Purification:

  1. Rue: Endowed with protective properties, rue is essential in purification rituals. Burning dry rue leaves seeks not only to cleanse the space, but also to attract health and prosperity.
  1. Sage: Sacred in various cultures, sage is key in sage smudging. Burning sage seeks to purify the physical space and free the soul from negative charges, preparing the ground for a new year full of positivity.
  1. Sandalwood Incense: This incense has been used for centuries for its spiritual properties. Burning sandalwood incense on New Year's Eve is a way to purify the environment and attract positive energies.

Herbs for Love and Peace:

  1. Lavender: With its sweet aroma, lavender is associated with tranquility and love. Placing lavender bags not only perfumes the environment, but also invites harmony and serenity in the new year.
  1. Chamomile: Recognized for its calming properties, chamomile is an ally in the search for inner peace. Chamomile infusions can be part of rituals to promote emotional stability and attract peace.
  1. Verbena: Known for attracting joy and spiritual peace, verbena is used in rituals to create an atmosphere of serenity and positivity.

Herbs for Money:

  1. St. John's Wort: With properties associated with prosperity, this herb is used to attract financial success. Placing sprigs of St. John's Wort in your purse or at the entrance to your home symbolizes welcoming prosperity.
  1. Cinnamon: In addition to its delicious aroma, cinnamon is associated with the attraction of wealth. Placing cinnamon sticks in your home can be part of a ritual that seeks to attract material abundance.
  1. Bay Leaves: Considered symbols of victory and success, bay leaves are used in rituals to attract good fortune and economic prosperity.


As we dive into the New Year, the Kabbalah related to these natural herbs connects us with the magic of nature and invites us to set meaningful intentions for the future. May basil purify your path, rosemary guide you to prosperity, and rue remove any obstacle. May lavender bring love, chamomile peace, and cinnamon wealth. May each herb be a reminder of the magic you can invoke to create a year full of blessings and opportunities. May natural herbs guide your path to good fortune and happiness in this new chapter that opens before you!

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